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About Us

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At MLH Club we value your child's safety as well as their development. We aim to create a fun environment for the children, whether it is at our facilities where they can play, cook, bake, and create art to bring home to you!


Or it's going out on our activity days, where we ensure the focus is fun and educational. We have many planned days out for the children, which we continue to prioritise as they love to explore the outdoors.

Health & Safety

MLH Out of School Club considers health and safety to be of utmost importance. We comply
with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and the Workplace (Health, Safety and
Welfare) Regulations 1992 at all times.
The Club has appropriate insurance cover. Each member of staff follows the Club’s Health
and Safety policy and is responsible for maintaining a safe environment; taking reasonable
care for the health and safety of themselves and others attending the Club; undertaking
relevant health and safety training.


Food Safety

MLH Out of School Club is committed to ensuring that safe and healthy practises around the
storage, preparation and service of food are followed at all times. Staff involved in food
handling and preparation have to meet high standards of personal hygiene.
MLH Out of School Club follows the guidelines set out in ‘Safer Food, Better
Business’ (FSA) and is registered as a food business with our local authority. Our current
rating is 5 for both our settings – St. John’s and St. Mildred’s. We are regularly inspected by
Environmental Health to ensure that health and hygiene standards are being met.
All staff involved in food handling have received food handling and hygiene training.


At MLH Out of School Club we recognise the importance of play to a child’s development
and follow the Playwork Principles. As playworkers we support and facilitate play, and do not
seek to control or direct it. We will never force children to participate in play, but allow
children to initiate and direct the experience for themselves.



We support and facilitate play by:


  •  Providing an environment which is safe and suitable for playing in.

  •  Providing a range of equipment, resources and activities on a daily basis

  •  Making outdoor play available every day, unless the weather is particularly bad.

  •  Involving children in planning activities, to reflect their own interests and ideas.

  •  Planning activities that enable children to develop their natural curiosity and imagination.

  •  Allowing children freedom of creative expression, particularly in artistic or creative play.

  •  Intervening in play only when necessary: to reduce risks of accident or injury, or to

  • encourage appropriate social skills.

  •  Warning children in advance when an activity or game is due to end.

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